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How do humans come to believe all the impossible things we believe? The answers, one story at a time.




Rhetorical Questions is an accessible educational podcast that explores the role of persuasion in contemporary life. Driven by familiar stories, engaging guests, and complex questions, it seeks to understand how humans make and remake our shared social worlds.


Rhetorical Questions is produced by Dr. Brian Amsden, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Clayton State University. Dr. Amsden earned his Ph.D. in Communication and Culture from Indiana University in 2010. He has published in the Quarterly Journal of SpeechArgumentation & AdvocacyCommunication and Critical/Cultural StudiesRhetoric & Public Affairs, and First Amendment Studies.


Rhetorical Questions relies on the generous contributions of many others. Theme music for the show was composed by Jonathan Robertson. The Rhetorical Questions logo was designed by Valerie Wieskamp. Past guests include Valerie Wieskamp, Michael Butterworth, Peter Campbell, Robert Ivie, Jon Kotchian, Ryan Kennedy, Katherine Lavelle, Meredith Bradley, Robin Boylorn, Whitney Gent, Melanie Loehwing, Brian Delong, Jacob Stutzman, Benjamin Warner, Cate Palczewski, Kelly Young, Mark McPhail, David Frank, Jennifer Mercieca, and Lauren Neefe.


Views and opinions expressed are exclusively those of the show’s host and guests.